Cluster Resource Limits


Cluster Resource Limits

By default users can create clusters with as many workers and resources as they want. In shared environments this may not always be desirable. To remedy this administrators can set per-cluster resource limits.

A few limits are available:

  • c.ClusterConfig.cluster_max_cores: Maximum number of cores per cluster

  • c.ClusterConfig.cluster_max_memory: Maximum amount of memory per cluster

  • c.ClusterConfig.cluster_max_workers: Maximum number of workers per cluster

If a cluster is at capacity for any of these limits, requests for new workers or workers will warn with an informative message saying they’re at capacity.


Here we limit each cluster to:

  • A max of 80 active cores

  • A max of 1 TiB of RAM

c.ClusterConfig.cluster_max_cores = 80
c.ClusterConfig.cluster_max_memory = "1 T"