This release is the first in a long time, and with it comes significant improvements in documentation and automation to make it easier to cut releases going onwards.

The project now adopts CalVer versioning with a YYYY.MM.MICRO format similar to other Dask organization projects using the slightly different YYYY.0M.MICRO format with a leading zero on the month.

Breaking changes

  • dask-gateway and dask-gateway-server now requires Python 3.8+

  • Breaking changes to the dask-gateway Helm chart:

    • ACTION REQUIRED: When upgrading to this version you must also update the Helm chart’s bundled CRD resources like this:

      kubectl apply -f
      kubectl apply -f
    • Now published to the Helm chart repository

    • Now require k8s 1.20+ and helm 3.5+.

    • Now bundles with a values.schema.json file that won’t tolerate most unrecognized configuration to help users avoid typos in their configs.

    • Now pushes the Helm chart’s images to and

    • Now declares the purpose of to be a truly minimal image for Helm chart testing purposes and encourages users to maintain their own image for worker and scheduler pods. See the related documentation on using your own image.

New features added

Enhancements made

Bugs fixed

Maintenance and upkeep improvements

Documentation improvements

Other merged PRs